Maxim Zhestkov – Toca me 2012

Sci-fi / Noir open titles sequence for TOCA ME design conference. By Maxim Zhestkov & Marcelo Baldin.

X-Men: First Class End Titles

Simon Clowes + Prologue created this beautiful, Maurice Binder inspired, title sequence for X-Men: First Class. (more insight here via Forget the Film, Watch the Titles)

Dvein: Eva Main Titles

So delicate, and so slick. Dvein puts together a stunning title sequence for Spanish film director Kike Maíllo’s first feature film, Eva. Go fullscreen on… Read more

Synple: A History of the Title Sequence

A History of the Title Sequence, 2011 graduation project by Synple (a.k.a Jurjen Versteeg). More on the concept & process at Watch the Titles

Synple: A History of the Title Sequence

Beautiful 2011 graduation project on title sequence history by Synple (aka Jurjen Versteeg). More on the concept & process at Watch the Titles.

FITC Toronto 2011 Titles

Mk12 takes us back in time for the FITC Toronto 2011 titles. Cel animation by T.J. Fuller.


F5 Live Titles – Made by Buck from F5 on Vimeo. Let’s just address F5 from the heart. It’s been a little over a week… Read more

The Birds Title Sequence (Student)

SCAD student Jordan Taylor re-imagines the title sequence for Hitchcock’s The Birds, à la Prologue’s titles for Dawn of the Dead.

Gentlemen Broncos: Main Title

In the main title for Gentlemen Broncos, director Jared Hess adapts retro science-fiction illustrations into paperback books.


I recently watched this film, and while I have mixed feelings about the film itself, the title blew me away. Made by SFAUSTINA Design last… Read more

And the Nominees Are…

The 2010 Emmy Awards for Best Main Title Sequence are as follows in alphabetical order… Curious Pictures for Bored To Death • HBO Tom Barham… Read more