The Mill updates

The Mill’s new website has launched.

Tavo relaunched

Madrid based design studio Tavo has launched a new website. A nice balance between art, motion design and vfx.  

Psyop: Emerge

Emerge is a new title sequence/propaganda film by Psyop.

1stAveMachine: Sonos

Credits: Agency: 72andSunny “Melting” – Director: Roman Rütten “Forest,” “Explosions” – Director: Nico Casavecchia “Pop Art,” “Claymation,” “Gold” – Director: Tomas Dieguez Production Company: 1stAveMachine… Read more

Digital Kitchen 3D Reel 2014

There’s a good chance that many of your favorite spots over the years have been created over at Digital Kitchen. They deliver yet again with… Read more

The Man Who Sold the Sun

Kieran Mithani’s “The Man Who Sold the Sun” is a visual expression of a poem he wrote by the same name. Title design work by… Read more

Noah’s Birds

“Birds of Noah” produced by LookFX. Hat tip to Jordan Blit.

New York Q&A with VFX Soldier

New York Q&A With VFX Soldier this Saturday, January 18 at SVA.   Daniel Khin Lay aka VFX Soldier will be in town to discuss… Read more

Haynes “Beans”

This mock commercial is just too much fun not to share. I only wish real clients had the guts (pun intended) to fund this kind… Read more

Samuel Blain: In Dreams

Samuel Blain’s graduation film “In Dreams” is a creepy catalogue of real people’s dreams.

Superestudio: Nat Geo IDs

Superestudio uses practical effects, macro cinematography and CG effects to great effect in their latest IDs for Nat Geo.

Neon’s new reel

Neon has been quietly kicking ass, as their lush 2013 reel proves.

David Lewandowski: Late for Meeting

Fans of David Lewandowski’s weirdly entertaining “Going to the Store” will be happy to know that a sequel has been released, “Late for Meeting.”

Cole Schreiber: Tropic

Cole Schreiber’s “Tropic” teaser uses creepy vfx to metaphorically represent identity and the plague-like spread of darkness in the protagonist’s life. Interesting.

Keloid by Big Lazy Robot

The eye candy in Keloid by Big Lazy Robot is awesome! Please take a look at some of the humanoid and robot designs by Aaron Beck.