Another Nightmarish Tale from Adam Berg

Coming off of an amazing 2009, with his Philip’s Carousel piece, Adam Berg continues to deliver aggressively cinematic narratives with Jordan Brand’s “Nightmare”. Similar to… Read more

Arev Manoukian: Nuit Blanche

A couple years ago, it seemed everyone and their mother was shooting with a Phantom camera, capturing life’s minutiae in ultra slow-motion. While the results… Read more

Previsualization Society Launches

The Previsualization Society is a new organization, formed in September 2009 that is “dedicated to advancing previsualization (“previs”) in feature film, games, commercials and architecture.”… Read more

Talli Peled:

London Technical Director, Talli Peled, flaunts a big, fat reel that’s bursting at the seams with lighting and vfx shots for the feature film market.… Read more



Mark Theriault: Update

VFX artist and Compositor, Mark Theriault, updates his website, with a swarm of projects that range from feature films to games.

Bavaria Beer “Drop”

Amsterdam-based agency Selmore selected Matthijs van Heijningen (Bonkers) to direct this epic tale of a water drop’s lifelong mission to join his breathren as a… Read more

Nokia N900: “Focus Group”

Channeling the same rebel spirit as the recent Verizon adverts for the Motorola Droid, this viral for the Nokia N900 injects the nucleus of a… Read more

Rupert & Asylum Drop Droids

Verizon literally goes to war with its touch-screen competitors in this new spot for Droid. Brought to you by “author of epicness,” Rupert Sanders and… Read more