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A Barcelona based animation/design firm with alot of playful work. Their animation for Cinemax, which is reminiscent of the tin doll look David Nicolas used for the Super Furry Animals video, “At Least It’s Not the End of the World”, is certainly worth a look-see. They also show off their ability to venture away from motion with some fantastic traditional illustration work and character designs. Nothing like a few drawings of long necked llamas to start the week off right.


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Vox Studios is David Viau


Vox Studios is the freelancing front for creative director David Viau. David’s motion work is silky smooth, and his boards are highly polished gems. His projects are fueled by chromatic and compositional balance, resulting in visuals that feel controlled, but not too tight.

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Mekanism: Let’s Green This City

Mekanism created a bunch of videos for Let’s Green This City, a big environmental awareness initiative from Pacific Gas & Electric (or PG&E for all the locals). One of my favorites is this one about solar power. The pacing is snappy, the writing is clever and the hybrid visuals are fun. (I like music by Hello/Bye, too.)

Each spot in the campaign takes a different approach to the subject matter, some with more oomph than others. I, of course, lean towards those that use animation over live action, but then I’m not the most impartial judge in the world. You can see them for yourself on the Let’s Green this City website.

PS – Does anyone else think it’s weird when power companies promote energy efficient products? Isn’t that a little like tobacco companies funding anti-smoking campaigns?

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EVB: New Site

One of my favorite hard-to-classify studio-agency-type-things has relaunched their site. As before, EVB puts their work right up front. Given the outstanding quality and boundary-pushing execution of their projects, that’s a very good thing.


But EVB isn’t one of my hero companies just because they know how to make pretty pictures. They also know how to think. They have embraced the convergence of broadcast and interactive markets (and production techniques) for a long time. Their philosophy sums it up nicely:

“The digital consumer is not media captive, as yesterday’s consumer was. They have the ability to filter the marketing messages they receive. They are born multi-taskers that jump from device to device and media to media with the touch of a button or a click of a mouse. As a result, advertising has become easier and easier to ignore. And the content that fills those digital devices has become king.”

I think for a few readers of this site, EVB is probably a little frustrating. They don’t seem to create motion graphics in ways that are normally promoted on Motionographer (although they do have an impressive reel). Instead, they create online experiences that use the language of motion graphics to tell compelling stories about products and brands. EVB is not alone in the world of online advertising, but they are one of the smarter kids on the block. Motion graphics artists can look at their attitude as a signpost to the future.

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Webby in Motion contest

Webby in Motion contest

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