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MBX Trailer by Guilherme Marcondes

Hornet director, Guilherme Marcondes, was recently tapped to lead this trailer for an upcoming project based on an Indian epic tale, the Mahabharata, written by the esteemed comic book writer Grant Morrison. The trailer hints at what will become a major franchise that will include the creation of several animated projects including a feature film and video games.

This trailer sets the tone of what we can expect visually from this epic story, and that is a tone of absolute beauty. To me, this is a culmination of video game graphics meets motion graphics with wonderfully realized characters mixed in with beautifully designed shots. I only hope that Guilherme gets to do more for this franchise just to see where he can take it visually.

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Back to Beijing with Eric Lerner

A couple weeks ago, we posted Eric Lerner’s fantastic Olympics advert for Coke. We recently had a chance to catch up with him for a little Q&A. Here’s what he said:

The character-driven narrative seems like a natural extension of your Mr. CityMen series. Did W+K have you in mind when they approached Partizan for the project?
Yes. They said they really liked the mood and style of the Mr. City Men films and wanted to do something similar to that with the Coke commercial.

With all the locations and camera work, this looks like a pretty big project. Just how big was it?
Partizan’s involvement in the spot started nearly a year before completion. Character design and story refinement took several months, then filming took us to three different continents during a month of shooting. There were several locations in each country, as well as local crews for each stop. Animation then took another three months. (more…)

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Devoid Of Yesterday: OFFF Lisbon Titles

Devoid Of Yesterday is at it again, this time with the Lisbon OFFF main titles.

Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt nail this piece out of the park with some of there signature live action, editorial work, type and overall style.  The sound design, by Ben Boysen, lends itself so well to their fluttercut, flash frame editorial style, that the ride becomes almost hypnotic and transiant in nature.

Fish heads and squid guts have never been so kewl!!

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BTRY’s new reel

BTRY’s new reel

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NTROPIC for Chevy

It took an innovative mind to set up a time lapse camera at the turn of the century and keep it running all these years (har-har). The idea behind this spot is simple and elegantly executed. No fancy transformer-style builds or fly-throughs, just a well-mimicked time-lapse with visual effects lurking in the frameworks.

The scenes are packed with subtleties that make it worth watching more than once (like the group pushing their over-heated car into the service station). The resolution of the spot is a nice surprise, as one would expect a timeline of events to keep building upon itself, not regress back to the first frame, which really drives the whole concept home.

Kind of makes you wonder if gas stations will be one of the tall tales we tell our grandkids.

Director: Eric Saarinen
Production company: TWC

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