Yves Geleyn: Kotori

Originally, Yves Geleyn had intended “Kotori” to be for the Tokyo Mode Gakuen. But when they decided not to pick up the project, he forged… Read more


Federico Saenz-Recio is now on the loose in the mean streets of New York. He recently left Version 2 to pursue life as a freelance… Read more

Sehsucht: Auto Trophy 2007

For the past several years, Hamburg-based Sehsucht studios has been creating show-opens for Auto Trophy, an annual auto show in Germany. Their latest in the… Read more

Matt Lavoy

While his work focuses more on compositing, particle generation and vfx supervision than most of the folks we talk about here on Motionographer, LA-based Matt… Read more

“All Will Be Revealed”

Steve Scott recently created an animated backdrop for Led Zeppelin’s re-union concert in London. The band played Kashmir for 20,000 fans in front of a… Read more

Le Cadeau du Temps

Yes Virginia, it’s another awesome Zune film. This time it’s by Cory Godbey whose unique method of frame-by-frame animation lends a particular charm to the… Read more

Impactist Updates

Impactist has refreshed their site with some fantastic new work. The new motion pieces include “The Type Writer”, “Leo’s Song”, and “Low Fidelity Cat Dream.”… Read more

Benjamin Goldman: New York Divided

I’m not sure how old this project is, but a reader recently shared with me a Benjamin Goldman-directed visual essay, “New York Divided; Slavery and… Read more