Johnny Kelly’s Seed

Johnny Kelly of Nexus Productions follows up his award winning student piece procrastination with a piece for Adobe which is just as artful. Using part… Read more

Studio AKA for Disney & Sing Up

Here’s two recent projects from the inimitable Studio AKA. Grant Orchards ‘Recycling’ for Disney is a slight cg twist on the lo-fi shoot aesthetic and… Read more

Oh, Hello for Above the Sea

Oh, Hello’s Dan Brown directed this seductive music video for Above the Sea’s “Handfed”

CA Square for NY1

Balanced design, fluid animation and solid typography combine in CA Square’s promo for NY1

Papervision – Augmented Reality

Digital Pictures Interactive presents Webcam tracking with Flash Papervision technology… some pretty insane stuff that you can try out yourself.

OCB Black Thinking Credits

[See original post] Title: “Black Thin King” Client: Republic Technologies Product: OCB Client contact: Valérie Amiguas Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona) Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun… Read more

Laikabase holt auf

Berlin’s Laikabase does a good deed for One.

Piranhas in the sky

Piranhabar from Ireland sends a ship in the sky to suck up clouds for Kellogs. Looks great, but it’s kind of like Nestlé sucking up… Read more

Eric Lerner “[][][][]”

Eric Lerner‘s latest short, an unofficial music video for “Gong” by Sigur Rós

Tim Lovett/Oddfew: LUNATIK

LUNATIK, Tim Lovett’s final film for his animation degree at The Queensland University of Technology in Australia, mixes an edgy soundtrack with a fiercely cross-media… Read more