NYC Tonight & Tomorrow: Rooftop Films

NYC: Tonight, Rooftop Films presents “Capucine: Filmmaking Monkeys and other Renegades” and tomorrow their “Animation Block Party”

Little Dragon – Twice

A couple of years old? Yes. Beautiful and poignant? Certainly. Great piece for Little Dragon by Johannes Nyholm.

Punga – Gluko & Lennon

You *need* to check out this 11 min pilot of awesomeness from Buenos Aires based Punga, and production company L’Orange Gutan! So full of great… Read more

Nathan Love: “NBC Peacock”

Nathan Love is up to its old tricks, yet again, in NBC Peacock. In collaboration with NBC Artworks, the studio has created an animated station… Read more

Nathan Love: “NBC Peacock”

CREDITS: Project Name: Nathan Love’s “NBC Peacock” Project Length: :34 Client: NBC Artworks Production Company: Nathan Love Director: Nathan Love Creative Director: Joe Burrascano Art… Read more

Bill Sneed for Outside Royalty

It’s always pretty impressive when we come across a piece of work that was pretty much single-handedly done by one artist, and done very well.… Read more

Bill Sneed for Outside Royalty

[qt: 720 405] How did this collaboration between you and Outside Royalty come to happen? I’d heard of the band while working in London and,… Read more

New Tron Legacy Trailer

New Tron Legacy Trailer with Visual Effects & Animation by Digital Domain