BUF: VFX for Enter The Void

Gaspar NoĆ©’s new film, Enter The Void, “will kick you in the balls”, as a colleague of mine put it. It’s a psychedelic visual ride… Read more

Wayne White in LA

If you are in the LA area November 16th, go see the amazing Wayne White talk about his art, life and experiences working on shows… Read more

Roger: Short Stack

Roger creates a worthy homage to PES in this stop-action promo for R&R, a new gallery headed up by Mark Yamamoto. LA people, stop by… Read more

MTV 55DSL + EMA 2010

These all came out at the same time, so we thought we’d do a short and sweet round-up post showcasing everything! First we have five… Read more

Beeld Motion for Telecine

Awesome brand new rebrand of Brazilian movie channel Telecine by the newly born Brazilian mograph powerhouse; Beeld! Thanks, Byron and RR.

Cut & Paste: London & Berlin

Cut & Paste: London (Nov 11) & Berlin (Nov 13) are coming up! Motionographer discount for London and Berlin (enter code ‘berlin).

Sehsucht Berlin: Google Streetview

Combining stop-motion, 2D and 3D, Sehsucht just crafted a cool animation for Google Streetview. Don’t miss the making of and breakdown at the same page,… Read more

Friday Mix: Radium Audio

Wake up. It’s Friday. The weekend is so near you can smell it. Granted, it smells like beer and cigarettes, but you still need it.… Read more

“Beard World” by Nathan Love

Another great one from Nathan Love, through Mothership: this time, Anca Risca directs this sweet spot for Oregon Lottery.

LOBO relaunches!