ARD & ZDF, “Caveman”

Caveman 65″ [qt: 900 506] Teaser Catapult 15″ [qt: 900 506] Teaser Club 15″ [qt: 900 506] Credits Title: “Caveman” Client: ARD and ZDF Lenght:… Read more

Designer Roundup

Some of these you might have seen before, others hopefully new. Plenty of inspiring work across the board(s)*. Bryce Wymer Fantastic illustration, motion design,… Read more

Interview: Quayola

Quayola at MUV festival in Florence, Italy. Watch Architectural Density Watch Path to Abstraction – Live A/V show Rome – S. Agnese Lambda Print –… Read more

Challenge Your World 20/20

Through an online community, contests, and events, Challenge Your World connects emerging entrepreneurs to the resources and expertise they need to launch companies that restore… Read more

Elastic: Arrowhead Nature’s Fix

[pro-player width=’468′ height=’300′ image=’’ type=’video’][/pro-player] What’s more illicit than bottling water and shipping it across state lines? Just about everything. But that didn’t stop Elastic… Read more “Moving In”

Lots of nice details in this commercial for I also loved’s previous spots, directed by Michael Langan, We Are Art and artCircles.

AMC/Coca-Cola “Magic Chairs”

[qt: 720 405] Credits Client: AMC Theaters Product: Coca-Cola Title: “Magic Chairs” :45 Airdate: June 5, 2009 in AMC theaters nationwide VFX/Editorial Company: Radium/Reel FX,… Read more

Tronic + Brandfirst: Yahoo! Trail of Tiles

[pro-player image=”” width=”720″ height=”400″][/pro-player] Commissioned by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Yahoo!. Additional details from the press release: The sequence opens with an attract mode… Read more


[qt: 960 540] Credits Spot Title: “NYCGO.COM” Air Date: 1/21/2009 Client: NYC & Company CD: Willy Wong Art Director/Designer: Jeffrey Lai Art Director/Designer/Animator: Chris Pacetti… Read more

Onesize: Playground Titles

[qt: 900 506] Onesize creative director Rogier Hendriks: We ended up with the idea to have two fighters on a children’s playground. Kind of a… Read more

Prologue is searching for designers/animators

Company Name: Prologue Location (City, State/Province, Country): Malibu, California, U.S.A. Webstite URL: Contact: Job Title: Design/Animation Positions – see below for complete job… Read more

Not To Scale: “Bubbles”

[qt: 960 540] What was the brief for this project? Agency BMB approached us to make a commercial that had something of the same charm… Read more

Gnarles Barkley Run Credits

Directed by: HAPPY Richard Farmer Guy Shelmerdine Editorial, Design & Effects by: Therapy Editor/Designer: Doobie White Lead Designer/Animator: Max Erdenberger Designer/Animators: Sinbad Kazakian, David… Read more

Prologue for Robin Hood

Make sure to visit Prologue’s site to see more of this project and others they have worked on, very inspiring stuff. [qt: 640 272] I… Read more

For a comprehensive archive of main titles for television, check out

Buck for

No one is better qualified to employ humor that’s so willfully tasteless as Buck. In a brood of spots for online textbook rental service,,… Read more