Beautiful Decay Presents Vis/Ed

This looks like a good time. Beautiful/Decay has invited Jonathan Notaro from Brand New School, Josh Rubin from Cool Hunting and Doug Jaeger from The… Read more

A New Model: Hooray or Nay?

I got an email recently from The Radar Festival about a new initiative they’ve launched. Here’s the gist of it straight from the horse’s mouth:… Read more

Sony vs. Kozyndan Update

Background For those of you who’ve missed the drama, I’ll try to bring you up to date. Last week, we posted the latest spot in… Read more

Shilo’s Scion Deviants

Shilo continues its blitz of new motion work with this spot done for ATTIK’s brand new campaign for Scion entitled “Little Deviant”. A very dark… Read more

PES for Pivot

I can’t seem to get away from stop-motion. The latest from Anonymous Content’s PES for Pivot is full of his characteristic charm—a subtle playfulness that… Read more


Ember is Shane Zucker’s and Jason Ett’s Venice based studio with some very slick work to show off. Their website showcases a very refined style… Read more

BNS offers new courses.

BNS updates their site with diverse work for Adobe, Chase & Doritos that spans the gamut of motion design: they’ve done character design and stop-motion… Read more

BNS Jeep, Part Two

Check out the second piece in Brand New School’s campaign for Jeep. A lot of times a project this large is tough to keep consistent… Read more

Brand New School: Footjoy

Brand New School rocks some silky-smooth 3D work in a new spot for Footjoy. I love the live action integration after the product shot. It’s… Read more

Lambo: New Site, New Reel

Lambo launched a new site with a strong new reel. Is it just me or does this reel feel much more mature and marketable than… Read more

The (In)famous Craigslist Post

The text below was originally posted on Craigslist (and quickly removed by admins) in response to the ridiculous job offers there soliciting creative services for… Read more

Final Schedule for Inspire 07

Just got the final schedule for Inspire 07, this time with some details about the sessions. Man, even if I wasn’t helping organize this thing,… Read more

Brand New School, Jeep

Brand New School is quickly becoming THE force to be reckoned with by continuing to pump out super-slick spots. The latest ad for Jeep, through… Read more

“New” iTunes Ads

Apple has posted a couple new spots in the iTunes campaign. In light of the Exopolis Nano spot and the Brand New School Shuffle spot… Read more

Buck doses TV Land

Buck dips in to the illustrative styles of decades past for a series of :15 IDs for TV Land that highlight the hairstyles, footwear, and… Read more

Rekindling La Flama

La Flama (a.k.a. Luis Torres, who used to go by Flameboy) is a well-known motion designer and art director in Mexico City who’s worked all… Read more

Read the Road

Brand New School, look at em, flexin the arms with a nice campaign for toyota that looks like quite the undertaking. Shot in New Zealand,… Read more


Simon Moreau, Joris Bacquet and Bastien Dubois, three students of the French CG school Supinfocom, recently posted an awesome short film entitled “AH.” The film… Read more

Grab Bag

There’s a lot of stuff I want to talk about, and I’m not sure if I should put it all in one massive post, or… Read more