Kim Dulaney

Kim Dulaney is back with her first update in over three years, and it is quite a massive update at that, with almost 50 new… Read more

Justin Blyth Updates

Justin Blyth updates with a wide variety of work ranging from boards, animation, illustration, art, and photography.

Superfad : Preguntas Hermosas

Superfad Seattle has just released a new short film called Preguntas Hermosas, a beautiful tale of a time shared between two people told through a… Read more

Jungeun Kim

Jungeun Kim (Jaye), ex-Psyop designer and illustrator, breaks into the freelance scene with a beautiful portfolio of work. Check out our interview with her about… Read more

Superfad: Sony “Eye Candy”

Superfad Seattle brings more than just eye candy to this surreal exploration of live action and vfx for Sony Bravia HDTV.  Unfolding in three parts,… Read more

Átila Meireles

Átila Meireles updates with an arsenal of stylish and beautiful styleframes. (thanks for the tip Gabe!)

Florian Witzel

The lushly detailed work of designer, director and CG artist Florian Witzel

Lilian Darmono

Lilian Darmono’s portfolio is bursting with color and personality

Ventilate Poster Series

Beautiful work from a wide range of artists for the Ventilate Poster Series 01

Eli Carrico

Eli Carrico aka Modulate releases a grip of colorful and bold styleframes. Also be sure to check out Shape of Things, his online playground.