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There is something brewing which may be of some interest to those down-under. Sam Coombes, Marketing Manager at MTV Networks Australia, sent us some info on a very interesting competition starting up in Australia at the moment.

” MTV, Optus and Sony Ericsson have a project that has just kicked off called Optus ONE80PROJECT, Qube Konstrukt has done the graphics and LPIP has produced the website. More importantly it’s a great opportunity for all those people that pester me with ideas for TV series to get one made.
Go to ONE80PROJECT.com.au to register and download the entry kit, submit your 3 minute pilot for a TV drama series and your concept. There will be 2 winners chosen who will work with the MTV production team turning their 3 minutes into a fully fledged 1 hour of TV drama. The hour will then run on MTV Australia and with the potential of becoming an ongoing series.”

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. there are other prizes like TV’s, phones and so forth provided by Sony too. A lot of the Motionographer crew are, or have recently been, students – so we love hearing about this kind of stuff aimed at people trying to break into the industry.

On a purely Motion Graphics note, Cream o’ the Crop-er’s Qube did the Print and Motion design for the project. They also have a new reel and kickarse count-in leader up on their site if you missed the quickie post a while back.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 | 1 Comment »

Travelers, Katamari Damacy Style

Here’s another mystery vfx spot, this time from ad agency Fallon for Travelers insurance. Any info on who did the post work would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Full credits available at Boards online.


And for those of you out there (like me) who love the Katamari Damacy games: yes, this is a total rip of the concept.

Thanks to Barry Flanagan for the tip.

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Impactist: New Work

Impactist (on Hornet’s roster) has recently completed some new work, including a beautiful spot for Peace Corps.


The spot has a wonderful texture and pace to it, largely owing to the fact that it was shot entirely with a hand-held digital camera. (A still camera, not a camcorder.) The slow-motion moments are perfectly realized and, when combined with the gold tinting effect, create a believable moment of introspection for each character. It’s subtle, but really well done.

Another reason Impactist wins my heart: they composed the music. I’ve always felt that music and motion graphics are two sides of the same coin. The importance of rhythm and drama are key aspects of both creative forms, not to mention the layering processes inherent in each.

Check Impactist’s site for more new work in their motion and photography sections.

Oh, and one more thing. You’ll notice that many of Impactist’s spots are available as “director’s cuts.” This is not a pretentious pose; this is the sign of a company that takes their commercial work to heart. I respect the hell out of that.

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Talented Italians

Recently I was introduced to the insanely talented director Lorenzo Fonda. His work deserves a post to itself but he’s collaborating with the talented graffiti artist and amateur animator “Blu” to produce what I’m assuming is going to be an insanely interesting documentary. The details are top secret but what I can tell you is shooting will take place over a two month period in Central and South America, There’s gonna be some heavy post production involved with animations by Lorenzo and Blu. The final product will be a book plus DVD.

Lorenzo has already collaborated with the insanely talented folks at Lifelong Friendship Society and Hornet. I predict big things from him.
Meet Director, Lorenzo Fonda:

And Artist/Animator, Blu


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From Lithuania, with love


I just stumbled across the work of PetPunk, a Lithuanian freelance studio. It looks like two people, Andrius Kirvela and Gediminas Siaulys, are responsible for the studio, and they hire additional hands on a per-project basis. A nimble setup. The work is beautifully illustrative, but I think the best way to describe PetPunk is as playful. “Welcome“, an informational/musical about Lithuania, especially caught my eye. I can only hope they show it on large mega-screens at the border to inform the incoming tourist folk.

Visit PetPunk.

Thanks, Patrick.

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Ed Harcourt Video with Tom Gauld


Fans of the comic anthology Kramer’s Ergot will instantly recognize the illustrations of Tom Gauld in the new Ed Harcourt video by Dirty UK. Tom is easily one of my favorite comic artists and seeing his work in motion was such a thrill that I immediately contacted Dirty UK to see how this process took place. Our conversation fell flat in the water. That’s why I’m unable to provide you with any back story or a higher res version or a direct link. Sorry, I tried.

It’s easy to see that each scene in the video is framed with attention to composition. Much the same way a piece of sequential art tells a story. You could pause this video at any moment and it would make an excellent composition.

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