HunterGatherer + Nike

If children’s book author Eric Carle did lots of acid and picked up some animation skills, maybe he’d create something similar to HunterGatherer‘s, “One Time… Read more

Robert Seidel “Futures”

A while back on Tween, I posted Robert Seidel’s experimental short, “_grau,” with a healthy does of praise attached. I’m happy to announce that Robert… Read more

Morsels from Tronic

In case you missed it, Tronic was recently profiled on Apple. Even though these these little PR-documentaries are full of requisite references to Apple hardware… Read more

A52: Pioneer

VFX powerhouse and Cream O’ the Croppers A52 directed a couple beautiful all-CG spots for Pioneer and agency RPA: “Orbit” and “Wind Tunnel.” Each spot… Read more

Zune: Nice Spot, Crap Hardware

Microsoft recently posted a really nice spot promoting their new Zune player. Too bad the player itself is a DRM whore. Typical Microsoft antics. One… Read more


If you read my recent post about Splice, you may have noted my whiny tone regarding the dearth of decent CC-licensed audio on the web.… Read more

Lobo Gets Exotic

Not 24 hours after my last post, I caught wind of another fantastic piece from Lobo, this one for Nike’s in-store displays at their Nike… Read more

Revisiting Vectorpark

It’s been a long time since I visited Vectorpark, but thanks to an email from Javier Sladena, I recently spent some quality time on that… Read more

Exopolis: iPod Nano

Check out the new iPod Nano spot co-directed by Exopolis and Mark Romanek. The spot speaks for itself. It’s gorgeous, consistent with the iPod campaign… Read more


I’ve been a fan of Creative Commons for a while, but I’ve often found it hard to translate its philosophy into practical application. Great video… Read more

Grab Bag

There’s a lot of stuff I want to talk about, and I’m not sure if I should put it all in one massive post, or… Read more

Daniel Oeffinger, I’m Yours

Our very own Daniel Oeffinger recently finished a self-initiated music video for The Decemberists’ “Los Angeles I’m Yours.” Co-directed by Ram Bhat, who painted all… Read more