Interview: LAMBO brings the RAD

Working out the logo A sketch for the Coke “Oh Yeah” spot Style frame for Fox College Sports Characters for the Coke “Bubbles” spot Motionographer… Read more

Takagi Masakatsu

I’ve never really liked ‘video art’. It just never seemed to transgress how complete our established and prefered artforms feel to us. A good motion… Read more

Two More Envelope-Pushers

If you’ve been reading this site (or Tween) for any time at all, you know I love to talk about the convergence of web and… Read more is back up! is back up! The content has been salvaged, but the user list is gone. You’ll need to re-register yourself to post. It appears we’re… Read more

the analog-digital GAP

I happened to spot this new commercial for gap on tv yesterday and went hunting for it. Couldn’t find who actually did it, but found… Read more

Version2: AICP

It might be old news to some of you, but this gem slipped right by my radar. Version2 did a beautiful job presenting sponsors at… Read more

Lots of Stash stuff…

I got a copy of this month’s STASH DVD, and wanted to pass along some of the notable work that was on it. Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s… Read more hacked

I really don’t understand why people do these things, but apparently has been hacked. I’m still trying to find more details. If you know… Read more

Gareth = G’raffe

Well, this will bring me out of hiding. Gareth, a motion graphics artist from New Zealand, has recently put some of his work online, and… Read more


Nice, elegant new reel from Gretel – Greg Hahn’s studio in new York City. Letting the imagery and typography speak for itself with powerful simplicity,… Read more

JL: LeeHom DVD Menu

To me, DVD menu’s are an art form of their own; it involves clever transitions and frustrating warnings, yet some seem to ready their eyes… Read more