FRAMES FOR FUTURE is an amazing new community-based project which doesn't only look good, it is for good!

Gunner + Blend = 🔥

Every so often, the stars collide. This time those stars are the indelible team behind Gunner and the ever-popular Blend Fest!

From nothing to something

Feeling uninspired? That likely won't be the case after watching this amazing collaboration from Andrew Vucko and co.

Join the movement

In this Motionographer Q&A, we chat with Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada of Ordinary Folk and Joey Korenman of School of Motion about their new manifesto.

Showcase: Textless

Live-action, animated signs, superb compositing, and great percussion... yes, please!

London, São Paulo, and Cookie Studio

In this Motionographer Q&A, we chat with Thiago Maia, Creative Director and Founder of Cookie Studio about their new studio and expansion to São Paulo.

The Doodle Project is back!

44 animators and 21 musicians from across the globe came together to create an aesthetic explosion for your eyes and ears!

Legwork is dead

It's always sad to hear that a studio has closed its doors for good. In this Motionographer Guest Post, we hear from Aaron Ray, one… Read more