Golden Touch

Sometimes it’s the simplest concepts that produce the most surprising results. Logan director Kenji Yamashita teamed up with Masashi Kawamura from creative lab PARTY to create a whimsical… Read more

Design I/O: Connected Worlds

Online, it’s hard to get a sense of the visceral impact that large-scale interactive works can have on users. You lose the immersion factor, and… Read more

Motion and code: Getting to know Lucas Zanotto

Italian-born designer/animator Lucas Zanotto’s career is as varied and playful as his creations.  Moving seamlessly between analogue and digital techniques, he’s created commercials, short films,… Read more


Patatap is an interactive animation/sound effects playground that’s perfect for a Friday. Created by Jono Brandel and Lullatone. Hint: Put on your headphones and tap… Read more

Lucas Zanotto launches Yatatoy

Designer/director Lucas Zanotto has launched Yatatoy, a new studio dedicated to creating “safe digital toys and educational apps” like Drawnimal and the newly launched Miximal.… Read more


Incredibox debuts an interactive, character-based music sequencer.

The Macula: “Archifon”

The Macula, a Prague-based studio, uses projection mapping to turn the Olomouc Baroque Chapel into a giant musical instrument. Visitors use laser pointers to activate… Read more

Animade Lernz

Good morning! Here’s some tiny tutorials from London-based Animade to makes you smile and enjoy the simple magic of animation. Check out the whole series… Read more

Lab212: Starfield

lab212 creates a magical experience in Starfield – an interactive swing that amplifies your flight through space. Money shot at 0:39.

Stimulant: LoopLoop

Stimulant has created LoopLoop, a visual musical sequencer that runs on the Sifteo cubes. LoopLoop uses an animated visual language as well as touch, motion,… Read more

Björk and Scott Snibbe: Biophilia

Creative Applications reviews Björk and Scott Snibbe’s experimental music album meets iPad app, Biophilia.